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Tuesday August 11th 2020
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For the moment only one direct international flight is available. Air asia flies daily from Kuala Lumpur to Bandung. A flight used to connect bandung directly to Singapore. The service is on and off, check with merpati nusentara for details.Another alternative is to fly to Jakarta and come by bus or shuttle bus to bandung.





Direct flights from surabaya, batam, denpasar(bali), Palembang and Ujung pandang check with merpati nusentara for up to date shedule.WARNING- It is very difficult to get a fair taxi ride from the airport. The taxis from the airport usually refuse to use the meter. Never pay more then 10usd. Your ride back to the airport will probably cost you half the price if you use a metered taxi. 


Bandung has a very nice train station dating from dutch colonial times. Train from all across java and jakarta arrive in the station. Local train also depart regularly.  


The taxis in Bandung are abounding  and the fare is cheap. The company named BlueBird  is the most reliable. They invariably use the meter and receive very strict training in being the best possible taxi driver. The best second choice is Gemah Ripah, they will most of the time accept to use the meter. If desperate you can use any of the remaining company’s. The price will depend on your barganing skill, your personal safety will never be at risk with any of the taxi’s you will take in Bandung.Taxis outside of bandung never use a meter. You might wanna inquire about the fare with a local before negotiating  with the driver. 


West java is covered by a very extensive bus network . The main bus terminals in Bandung are Lewipanjang, serving buses from the west(Bogor, Jakarta…) and Cicaheum, serving buses to the east(Garut, Cirebon and east java).  Bandung’s local bus  line is named Damri. Some of them have air condition. Don’t take any valuables with you as pickpocketing is not unheard of. 

Mini Bus

Since the completion of the Jakarta Bandung highway, Mini bus service or shuttles have been groing very fast. Mostly serving Jakarta with a point to point service(no en route stops) they are gradually adding more destinations. The fare is relatively cheap and the confort is better then on buses. 


The only connection by sea is a boat from Kalipucang(pangandaran) and Cilacap in Central java.