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Tuesday December 1st 2020
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The sundanese language.


Sundanese (Basa Sunda, literally “language of Sunda”) is the language of about 27 million

people from the western third of Java or about 15% of the Indonesian population.

It appears to be most closely related to Madurese and Malay, and more distantly related to Javanese.

It has several types, conventionally described according to the locations of the people:

Banten, Bogor, Priangan, Ciamis, Kuningan, and Cirebon. Priangan, which cover the most area of Sundaland

(Tatar Pasundan in Sundanese), is the main and most-spoken type of Sundanese language taught in elementary

till junior-high schools (equivalent to ninth-year school grade) in West Java and Banten Province.

Social strata (different age) differences differ the uses of words in the Sundanese language,

for instance, younger people would use polite words that only used when they speak to elder people.


Wikipedia has some more in depth information about the sundanese language.