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Tuesday August 11th 2020
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From the author

West java is rich in traditions, has spectacular landscape it is the  home of the friendly and humorous sundanese. Werever you go you will be greeted with a smile and you will be amazed by what you see. After 15 years of traveling around the province i still am amazed and grow founder of it.

After surfing the net i realized that only little information is available, most of it in indonesian. I felt the need to share some of the knowledge i gained so more people can enjoy visiting this unique piece of the world.  I hope the information found at visit west java .com will either inspire you to visit the are or make your visit more enjoyable.

In order to make this website even more complete i am working with pationate local collaborators who share the same love for everything sundanese.

This website is in permanent developpement and still in its infency, If you are looking for some more specific information not featured here feel free to contact me, i will try to help you the best i can.

This is a purely independent venture and as of today  completely non profit , the information found here is all from personal experiances(i have actually been there) . References to sites, hotels or restaurents is based on its qualities and raw potential for the traveler  and not from endorsment for commercial profit.

You might find some adds in the future(to help cover the cost of hosting) but we will not accept adds from institutions wich do not meet standards of quality and of interests. For exemple we will not place advertisement for a bad hotel or bad restaurent.

Anyhow enjoy your visit in west java !