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Tuesday December 1st 2020
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The coffee culture in Bandung is evolving at a rapid speed. The interest in quality coffee is going trough an exponential transformation. The offering for coffee in bandung is so that the number of places per square kilometers were you can get a good cup of coffee is higher then Tokyo or New-York! Every 200 meters or so you will find a cafe or a coffee stand.
The consumption of coffee in West-Java is not something new and contrary to popular belief the sundanese were drinking coffee before the dutch first set foot on java. Indeed coffee is mentioned as part of rituals that long predates the arrival of the dutch. Agronomes have also found that the genetics of the coffee found in west java is more akin to Ethiopian coffee and is not related to the coffee found in Yemen that the Dutch supposedly brought to indonesia.
Anyhow the growth of the coffee scene im Bandung is due in larger part to the love of quality coffee by youngsters. At coffee stalls you will find filter coffee that will satisfy the most enthusiast third wave coffee drinker.
In 2017 alone more the 26 cafes opened doors.

If you want to have the coffee the way is was served in the early 1900’s head to cafePurnama .

If your a real coffee fanatic head to kopi florist. You can have a break from the city because it is located im a flower market. There you will find a 100 years old coffee tree. Kopi florist is the spot were people of the coffee trade hang out.
Kopi Florist

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